I am a Tidal Wave

by Builder of the House

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Debut album from Builder of the House


released January 29, 2012

Rob Cimitile - vocals, guitar, ukulele, glockenspiel, claps, drum and electronic instruments
Nicolette Centanni - whistle on 'My New Eyes'
Brian Coombes - claps on 'My New Eyes'
Peter Eberhardt - upright bass on 'Running Blind' and 'Fire Dawn Breaking'
Elliot Heeschen - shaker and cymbal on 'Niktricity'
Conor Mulroy - mandolin, banjo and whistle on 'I am a Tidal Wave'
Sara Hallie Richardson - backing vocals on 'Running Blind'
Colin Winsor - upright bass on 'I am a Tidal Wave' and 'Schizophilia'

All songs written, recorded and produced by Rob Cimitile, ASCAP
*Claps in 'My New Eyes' recorded at Rocking Horse Studio
Mixed by Noah Cole/Artifex studio and Brian Coombes/Rocking Horse Studio
Mastered by Alan Douches/West West Side Music
Album artwork and layout by Louie Manny

(P) & © 2012 Rob Cimitile, all rights reserved



all rights reserved


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Builder of the House Portland, Maine

Builder of the House is a Portland, Maine based indie folk project headed by guitarist/singer Rob Cimitile. The group blends elements of bluegrass, folk and Americana music with a unique twist that comes from Rob's eclectic musical background. Lyrically the songs tell tales of spirituality, metaphysics, and the human experience at large. ... more

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Track Name: Niktricity
Well the ups and downs are bound to come, but we both know that’s the way it’s supposed to be.
So let down your guard and bare your soul I promise you, I will handle it gently.

Some say it’s bound to fall apart, cause we’re held in place with the mortar of coincidence.
But I think that we are bound by fate in the struggle to uplift the consciousness

Meet me in the middle of two extremes on the border of fiction and reality.
There we’re gonna take a little step, you and me to see what we came to be

Some say this should be easy
But they don’t see the beauty
The struggle is what makes it all worth while

No way of knowing how it’s gonna end but in some small way we hold the pen.
So let’s change the story, rewrite the verse and lay a path that has never been.

Walk with me a little and we’ll find out the reasons why this was supposed to be.
Stop all the clocks and lay with me, let me feel, your Niktricity

Love’s an emanation
It flows in all directions
And never seems to question when or why.

Quiet on down your heart
Quiet on down my heart
Quiet on down

We two lost souls have to find our way home
And I think it lies yeah I think it lay within the love between us we are found

Some say this should be easy
Love’s an emanation
Spiritus sancti
When life’s a bed of roses
The classroom door closes
And the soul ceases to walk along the path
Track Name: My New Eyes
Hey Mr. Noble, don’t get cozy cause you know some day this all goes away

Hey sweet momma don’t start cryin’ cause you know one day it’s all gonna change

Pretty darlin’ watch that vanity you know one day your youth’s gonna grey

Listen miser best start givin’ cause your soul is all you can hope to save

Oh and I’m feelin’ sober, cause in-lovin’ is gone
Oh, travelin’ is over, cause I’m right where I belong

I tell you teacher all worth knowing cannot be taught conveyed or explained.

Hey big soldier what your defendin’, I hate to say, it’s fadin’ away.

Listen preacher what you’re selling is not convincing in any way. If you truly knew your product you would already be on your way

Oh and I’m feelin’ sober, cause in-lovin’ is gone
Oh, travelin’ is over, cause I’m right where I belong

Well there master don’t get haughty cause you do not see the game that you play. The seat you hold requires a countenance where to the dollar you are a slave.

Hey there scholar look a little deeper at what your work is tryin’ to say. The truth is true and don’t need defendin’ whether or not you are here to explain.

Oh and I’m feelin’ sober, cause in-lovin’ is gone
Oh, travelin’ is over, cause I’m right where I belong
Oh and I’m feelin’ sober, cause in-lovin’ is gone
Oh, travelin’ is over, cause I’m right where I belong
Track Name: I am a Tidal Wave
I’m sitting at the boundary where the mountains touch the sea
The dark is slowly spreading while the colors all recede.
The ocean is a lapping at the bronze and rocky shore
And I can’t help but wonder
was I here before?

Cause perhaps we all got started where the mountains touch the sea
Tiny bubbles stealing chemicals from everyone we meet.
Like building blocks we all combine then burrow in the sand
Then swim then breathe then walk then write then
steal each other’s land

Now I’m watching the horizon where the ocean meets the sky
The sun is slowly setting where these two bodies collide
Water wind and fire dance around the darkened earth
And in the beauty of this moment my
thoughts trickle down to her

Cause right now she’s a-waiting on another distant shore
I can almost hear her breathing from within the ocean’s roar
Soon I’ll hear her whisper and the sound will be so sweet
But for now I must keep dreaming,
cause the dream feels so complete

So I’ll keep dreamin’ I’ll keep dreamin’ I’ll keep dreamin’

La la la, la la la,
La la la, la la la

The dark is all around me and the moon is shining bright
I step into the ocean mixing with the lunar light
The water it surrounds me as I melt into the sea
To all my friends and loved ones
Do not search for me

Because I am a tidal wave, I am the surge
I’m a force to reckon with, friend of the demiurge
I dwell among the Titans and breathe the ether sky
And if it serves my fancy I’ll leave this earth bone dry

There was a time when I was scared to sing a single song
Far too terrified was I of getting something wrong
But when I think that all will die within the burning sun
I realize all of my mistakes will be forgotten

Cause it’s all gonna fry, in the red burning sky, so I’ll sing until I die

La la la, la la la
La la la, la la la la
La la la, la la la
La la la, la la la la
Track Name: Running Blind
Well all in all I have to say, that things have turned out swell. Finally I can afford my own private hell
And now I can die happy.

Well I’m torn between my elders and this figure on the cross. Which one’s gonna help when I experience true loss. Who will be the wiser?

So some are here to listen and some are here to teach
But who’s to know what’s in a soul ‘til the body has been breached, and the spirit rises to the surface
Or is swallowed down the hole now.

Well the grass is always greener
Tomorrow’s another day
Despite what you may think of me
I’m not running away, no I’m just running, just running.

So here we go running blind into the great unknown
And as we go say a prayer and wish us well.

Well I’m trying hard to reason with the voices in my head
None of us seem to agree on exactly what she said
As if it makes a difference.

Well the choices are apparent and the options have been weighed. But what if all my actions have no consequence today?
What if I am dreaming?

And I’ll go swimming with the manatees and diving with the whales.
We’ll see what the ocean deep actually entails, and bring it to the surface, and show it all around town.

So before you go read the sign it’s a rest stop in time.
Now that you know the design heed the sign

Stand your ground, face your fears, and act like a man.
But walk a mile in my shoes and I think you’d understand.

So here we go running blind into the great unknown,
and as I go say a prayer, wish me well, and I’ll see you there.
So here we go, to the sun, where it all comes undone,
and if we two lose our way look back and see, remember me, remember me, remember me.
Track Name: Fire Dawn Breaking
Fire dawn breaking
As the sky caves in
The consciousness departs now
Left void, the human forms fall blazing to the ground

The ground sinking
Gravity weakens
We’ve waited for this moment
Now here, yes here, the experiment is done
And now all souls can be one
As we return to the sun

The liquefied earth
Weak forces disperse
We feel it all around now
A sense, that we never were alone
And my, how much we’ve all grown
We’re all going home

Energy changing
Demiurge is seen
The builder of the house is found out
Materials have all run out
No more designer hosts
We are permanent ghosts
Track Name: Schizophilia
Her laugh is like a song that sings to me and no one else can hear it oh and when she smiles it’s like the sun it warms the world

Her eyes they penetrate and hold me in a sea of blue and as I swim they saturate and spread their hue til all is bright

How can I find out why she was sent to me?
Drove me insane with pleasure and pain. Then she took her leave, as if her memory were just a dream, just a dream

How can I find out why she was sent to me?
Drove me insane with pleasure and pain. Then she took her leave, as if her memory were just a dream, just a dream

Her voice is velvet warm and moves through me a lovely calm and as she speaks in softened tones it settles me right through my bones

Her mouth is honey sweet and when we kiss our boundaries cease and as I melt into her taste I lose myself in her embrace

How can I find out why she was sent to me?
Drove me insane with pleasure and pain. Then she took her leave, as if her memory were just a dream, just a dream

When she moves my eyes go wide to see her shape and watch her flow across the room she glances back because she knows Oh yeah she knows